The Future of Advertising as Told By 5 Young Creatives.

Want to know what the next trends in advertising might be? Just ask a young creative what their favorite commercial is. Looking at these spots is like looking into a crystal ball of the industry’s future. All creatives aspire to produce what they love to watch, so to get this sneak peek I emailed, texted, and LinkedIn some promising new talent to find out what’s next.

1. “I cried like a baby when this ad came out”

Wieden + Kennedy | Together

Elliot Srikantia is an Art Director at Barker Advertising and for better or worse he has an undying love for Cleveland sports. He had this to say about his favorite ad:

“This ad perfectly encapsulates the anticipation, excitement, and pride that Cleveland felt when LeBron returned in 2014. In both the world of sports and socio-economics, Cleveland had been the butt of jokes for years, especially following the 2008 economic crash and LeBron’s departure in 2010, but with this advertisement Nike successfully wove their brand into Cleveland’s quilt of raw emotion.”

2. “There’s definitely too many to name”

VaynerMedia | This Buds for “2”

Jr. Art Director Sera Takata, from David Miami, had a hard time picking just one ad. Her list ranged from the latest Visit Xbox tourism campaign to her love of all things Apple. But as we’ve learned, the ads that stick are the ones that make you cry. Heres what Sera had to say about the number 2 spot that won first place in her heart:

“I have many more favorites for the way they helped the world or changed the industry, but on a more personal level, I still remember the first time I saw This Bud’s for 2 to retire Derek Jeter’s number. I’m a huge Yankees fan and this ad made me cry… that counts as good in my book.”

3. “It doesn’t feel like an ad”

Ogilvy | Real Dove Beauty Sketches

Olivia DeLorenzo is a game writer for Hasbro and one of the most creative people I know. I met her in college as a comedy writer, so I thought for sure she was going to give me something to giggle to. Instead, I sat at my desk with a single tear after watching her favorite spot.

“Dove Real Beauty Sketches! I like it because it makes me cry every time. It taps into such an undeniable insight- we are incapable of seeing us the way other people do, and we tend to be much more critical of ourselves than a stranger would be (especially femme people). It doesn’t feel like an ad, it feels like a reminder to be less hard on myself!”

4. “I love such powerful messaging”

Mccann | Fearless Girl

Ben Lin is the PB to my J, the hot sauce on my burrito and at Syracuse University he is the art director to my copywriter. I have seen Ben refer back to this ad for inspiration over and over again, and he isn’t the only one marveling at the Fearless Girl. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“It’s incredible because they did something so simple that made the world understand their message. They attempted and succeeded at reimaging what it means to be a woman. A statue of a little girl standing up to a giant statue of a bull that represented the prowess of the giants of Wall Street? I love such powerful messaging.”

4. “I’m not a huge crier so that says a lot”

Wieden + Kennedy | Thank You, Mom

Syracuse University Senior and Art Director student Rachel Hayashi had a personal connection with her top pick. Growing up playing basketball, she said she “deeply emotionally resonated” with the scenes in P&G’s Thank you mom campaign.

“it’s the first and only ad that has made me cried, and I’m not a huge crier so that says a lot. Those commercials deeply emotionally resonate with me because every scene in those commercials was very relatable to my childhood, growing up playing basketball”

5. “not cliche nor cheesy”

Goodby Silverstein & Partners | The Anti Ad

Art Director at TBWA\Chiat\Day, Mike Gaines was the only creative to come to me without a tear-jerker. For so many on this list, their favorite ad meant one that tugged at our heartstrings. Not Mike. He was more impressed with the strategy and fresh angle of Doritos's new brandless campaign and who can blame him? Mike had this to say about the campaign:

“Doritos’ Anti Ad. It’s a great example of a manifesto that’s not cliche nor cheesy. No pun intended. Visually, a lot of it hinges on basic, but creative visual solutions….It’s an extreme example but shows that you can play to your brand’s place in culture and customers’ minds without beating them over the head with it. It’s still insight-based but doesn’t try to overcomplicate itself.”

And then there’s me!

DDBO | State of Unrest

Like everyone else on this list, I could talk about strategy and beautifully written lines for hours. But at the end of the day, your favorite ad isn’t always shown at Cannes Lions. Your favorite ad is the one that replays in your head years after its launch. In my case, it’s quoted in my mom's living room daily. In our house, “who are you talking to” is always meant with a snide “Jake from State Farm” and god forbid you wear khakis **hideous.** Good ads win awards, great ads are talked about at Thanksgiving every single year.

The future of this industry is in the hands of young incredible creators like the ones above. From this list, it’s clear that their thinking lies at the intersections of innovation and sentimentality. So if I had to guess what is to come for this industry, its advertisements with heart.

So there you have it, the future of advertising.

What trends do you want to see from these young creatives?




A 2nd-grade spelling bee participant.

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Isabella Leon

Isabella Leon

A 2nd-grade spelling bee participant.

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