Resources for Ad-Geeks of Color.

4 tools to help you on your job/internship hunt this Summer.

Sometimes it feels like unless daddy and Leo Burnett go way back, or you're a photoshop prodigy you just aren’t getting an internship this summer.

Its me! Hard at work!

Hi, my name is Isabella Leon, a senior at Syracuse University and I want to help. My parents have no connections to the industry, I didn’t know copywriting was a real job until I was 19 and I’m a woman of color — so you can say I have a lot going against me. And yet, I write before you with a secured post-grad position at an advertising agency, with 2 past internships under my belt. Here are some of the websites that helped me do it.

Publicis’ Multicultural Talent Pipeline. (MCTP)


Who’s This For: Diverse college students looking to join the media, advertising, and marketing industries.

Tell Me About It: MTCP is a conference made for the young and diverse talent that is going to take over the ad world any moment now. It’s an incredible program that spans multiple days and is for anyone interested in the world of advertising. (This means, creative, strategy, account, media, general, new tech….etc.) Full of panels, tours of the Publicis office, free headshots, and a career fair this is the perfect place for people who are ready to jump-start their careers.

What's great about MTCP is that it's put on by ad giant Publicis, meaning some of the industry’s biggest players (Saatchi & Saatchi, Digitas, Leo Burnett) are right at your fingertips.

What I Know: I went last year and still talk to some of the ad geeks I meant along the way. It’s an incredible networking opportunity, and if you play your cards right it might land you a gig — I know because I did it.

MAIP (Multicultural Advertising Intern Program)


Who’s This For: A multicultural student working their way to a degree in the ad field who maintains a 3.0 GPA

Tell Me About It: MAIP fellows are hand-selected by industry professionals to begin their careers in advertising. Once selected, fellows engage in a 22-week, nationwide fellowship that is both virtual and in-agency. In addition to the fellowship, fellows receive professional development opportunities through virtual spring training, one-on-one coaching, MAIP labs, and various opportunities to network with MAIP alumni and industry leaders.

The goal is to provide fellows the space and opportunity to build a foundation for their careers. The MAIP fellowship culminates in a week-long celebration in New York City where fellows across the country are united to attend The Face of Talent. Simultaneously, the MAIP fellowship offers advertising agencies the opportunity ​to access top talent ​and strengthens the 4A’s efforts to enhance and sustain diversity within the industry.

What I Know: MAIP works. Rarely are you given the opportunity of being taught by industry professionals who treat you as nothing less than an industry professional. MAIP is full of amazing mentors who I have watched transform my friends' lives, and on top of it all, they ensure an internship spot at an advertising agency in the summer.



Who’s This For: Any and all college Seniors and raising new talent in the world of marketing and advertising.

Tell Me About It: We Are Next is an open resource built for students and jr. talent in advertising and marketing. It gathers advice, insight, and tools from all over the industry, making them accessible to everyone while making diverse voices the norm. By focusing on guidance that scales to benefit everyone, We Are Next is making sure the next generation of talent is better prepared, more informed, and more diverse.

What I Know: There is no application or really any barriers to using this website. With the push of a button, you can quickly be directed to industry mentors who are more than willing to try and answer all your unknowable questions about advertising.

The best feature on this website, by far is the internship and job board. This is a living list of all open applications, their deadlines, and their requirements — all in one place.



Who’s This For: Creative talent of color at ALL levels

Tell Me About It: Pocc was founded in 2018 by Nana and Kevin, a producer and a creative who wanted to see real change in the way the creative industry, businesses, and Black, Brown, and ethnically diverse communities could exist and thrive together. Their shared frustrations of navigating non-inclusive creative environments and seeing the problematic representations of culture across the media led to the creation of a WhatsApp chat called Pocc. Born from the knowledge that there is strength in the collective to make a tangible difference to our own lives and the lives of others, Pocc exists to accelerate equality and equity for culturally and ethnically diverse people in the creative industries and beyond.

What I Know: I was introduced to POCC when Shauna Seresin (POCC representative for North America) did a presentation for my portfolio class. I was then invited to join the POCC WhatsApp chat, a magical place where hundreds of creatives come to chat and share opportunities with each other. This might be the most casual and inviting way to network. When I got my last opportunity, I asked the chat if anyone knew anything about my new place of work. Within minutes I had people reaching out to me with their past experiences, their friend's numbers, and words of encouragement. POCC is a beautiful place and if you want to be added to the chat I do have moderator status!

I'll leave you with the best networking advice I've ever gotten: hand them a resume but leave them with a story. Recruiters will be talking to a million people a minute so make your introduction short and memorable. Tell them your name, your specialty, what you're looking for (EX: “I love the work at X and was hoping you could tell me about their internship opportunities”) and then wow them with some personality. Maybe it’s about how you laughed so hard at one of their ads that you squirted milk from your nose, or it’s about how moving their presentation was. Whatever you do, stand out



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